Feng Shui
Window Crystals

Feng Shui (pronounced FUNG SCHWAY) is an ancient Chinese art and science that evolved about 5,000 years ago through discerning observation and object placement experimentation. It literally translates to wind/water. It is based on the study of place, people, time and how chi (life energy) interacts with these elements.

Feng Shui Window Crystals can fill a home with positive energy adding light and color to any room. They can be used all around the house to clear stagnant energies, they are especially useful when hung in a window that receives the most sunshine to encourage positive ‘chi' or life energy. When the rays from the sun hit the crystal it will send a cascade of beautiful rainbows to energize your home, moving stagnant energy, enhancing your fortune and bringing good luck.

The Feng Shui Window Crystal is faceted with precision cut prisms and out of 30% lead crystal and Ø 30 mm in size strung on a steel cable with alternating gemstones representing the colors resonating with the chakra system.

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