Reiki Testimonies

My experience with Reiki was most rewarding. I spent 3 months in 2006 with Silvia and family and was given Reiki by her. This warm feeling came over me from head to toe. I felt very peaceful, light, and pain free. This feeling stayed with me for several hours after wards. I was pain free for many days.
Silvia recently gave me Reiki long distance, I live in California. That experience was amazing. I had my doubts I would feel anything, nothing like when I was with her in person, but I was wrong. I got the same warm feeling but I could actually feel the warm areas move as she was moving her hands over a picture of me. We did not speak until after she was done and I knew when she had stopped, which surprised me. The feeling lasted for quite sometime. She was giving me the Reiki due to recent medical problems, my immune system was fighting my body and I had very high white blood count. I had been very tired and had a very low appetite. After the Reiki I felt less tired over next few days and my eating improved.
I firmly believe in Reiki and I hope some day to give Reiki treatments to family and friends.

Fresno, CA


Reiki is still a mystery to me. Being a licensed physical therapist and devout catholic I was very skeptical. I did some reading on the Reiki web-site and found articles from different Christian religious clergy and felt some relief with the explanation that Reiki was similar to Jesus performing a miracle or laying on of hands. As I said I was quite skeptical, but decided to see what Reiki was all about and had Silvia perform a treatment on me. At the time I was dealing with some difficult emotional issues. All I had to do was lie quietly on my back and relax. Silvia talked to me throughout the treatment explaining what she was doing. She hovered her hands above me at different positions over my body from head to toe. The most bizarre thing happened at different points where her hands were hovering I could sometimes feel heat in my body or a sensation of pins and needles. As a therapist I didn’t have a physiological explanation for this, but I knew something was happening. The session lasted for 30-60 minutes. I was told to drink plenty of water and to not be too concerned if some emotions came to the surface. I thought, “How could that happen? I was just lying on a table.” That evening I was more relaxed than I had been in a very long time and slept so peacefully. The next day at work I was so angry with no explanation. These feelings bubbled up until I could sit myself down and breath deeply and think through the thoughts emerging from my mind. My second and third Reiki experiences were extremely rejuvenating. I was on the table and within 2 minutes I was asleep. Upon awaking at the end of the treatment I was in a state of relaxation that I had not had in a very long time with a feeling I could handle whatever came my way. The last treatment I had was after a minor injury that caused a muscle pull between my ribs. I wasn’t able to sit comfortably or sleep comfortably. It was very disruptive. Again I was on the table and showed Silvia exactly where I was feeling discomfort. Prior to the session the area was just sore. During the session when Silvia’s hands were over the sore rib area, it began to feel like little ants (small muscle contractions) walking along the ribs. I thought it was her hands tapping on me, but it was actually my muscles twitching. I can say that my ribs felt better the next morning. Prior to the Reiki treatment I was not able to find a comfortable position anywhere. I tried to stretch the area, heat it, take ibuprofen, but none of these work. As I said above Reiki is a mystery to me. I am still questioning the process, but not really skeptical. I understand that something positive is occurring that I probably will never understand. I also understand that it does not take the place in my case for traditional medicine. I use it as a co-treatment with my other remedies for whatever ails me whether it is mental or physical.

Charleston, SC


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